Snow Day at Home


We woke up to snow this morning!  It was maybe only an inch or two, but school was cancelled and we got to enjoy Alma's first snow day at home!  
We made a snowman and played around the yard before frozen fingers set in (she wouldn't keep the mittens on).
I feel like we have finally gotten a real winter with some snow here and there on the island.  
I'll take it!

Winter at Home


 Things move at a slower pace around here in winter, this succulent doesn't seem to slow down, though!

 Searching for more antique and thrifted items to cozy up the house.

 I scored this vintage original painting at Good Cheer last weekend with my mom.  This corner is about to have a shelf addition, I'm painting it now and getting excited to hang it!

 I drew these bananas for Lane (they are him and I).

 We have been in contact with our local breeder, there may be a new addition to the family this spring...

Last but not least, I love our new range, spice rack, and tea kettle from Christmas.  The next project I plan to bite off will be to paint the kitchen cabinets white.

New Leaf


Welcome to the "100 Acre Wood" that adjoins our property, and our newfound favorite walking trails!  We also like to dream that we will build a cabin back here someday.  
Here is 2017 and as everyone else has said, I can hardly believe it.  Alma is 19 months old, and I can barely fathom how that happened!  This brings me to some resolution talk.  I have been meaning to post photos I take on this blog more often and of the everyday life over here.  If I can document and preserve the moments, maybe they won't seem to be flying by quite so fast.  It is a calming, creative and fulfilling feeling I get from putting photos I take of us up in this space.  Sharing and storing pictures (sort of) makes up for the amount of photos I don't have in actual print.  So, there you go.  If you are reading this, check back here more often, as there just might be a new post...

Here comes Christmas


It seems like fall will be a fleeting memory this year as the excitement for Christmas swells in the house.  I love reading all of the seasonal books with Alma that involve Santa and snow.  She is truly grasping the magic of these days and I cherish how much the cold weather makes us cuddle up inside and spend quality time together as a little family.